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how to register for TECH, services for registered users

Register for TECH! It is optional, free, and it provides these features:

  • personal workspace
  • storing your searches
  • storing retrieved records
  • creating your own QuickSets (groups of databases to search)
  • storing favourite e-Journal records
  • personalized web settings (number of records per page, language...)
  • creating alerts

How to register?

Login form is available through icon login. Click on Registration and fill in the form. Fields with asterisk (*) must be filled: login name, password, re-type password, your name.

Avoid using punctuation and spaces in username. Password should have at least four characters.

You can change, or update the information you entered, by clicking on Account update link below the login form.

Services for registered users

My Space

My Space can be found in Vyhledávač TECH menu. You can use it as non-registered user, to save the retrieved records. However, these will be deleted after you leave TECH search.

Registered users can take advantages of these additional features:

  • store retrieved records in e-Shelf and searches in History
  • save favourite database records in My databases to create QuickSets to search
  • set number of retrieved records per page or language in Preferences


You can store retrieved records here. Icon add_to_basket adds record to e-Shelf. There you can create folders through icon save_as. Advanced view gives you overview of e-Shelf content and created folders.

My Databases

You can personalize your searches! Save retrieved database records through icon add_favorite. Select My Space, and then My Databases. There you can:

new_group create a QuickSet

rename rename or update QuickSet

save_as create QuickSet of all saved databases

clear delete databases not included in created QuickSets, delete whole QuickSet

delete delete database

move add database to QuickSet

When you log on, you can search your QuickSets in QuickSearch or MetaSearch. QuickSearch displays your QuickSets with search form. In MetaSearch select My Databases.


You can save your searches in My Space by using MetaSearch only. Click on History in the menu. Icon delete delete the search, through clear you clear your search history.


You can save your searches as alerts in History. Alert is SDI-like service of regular sending information about searches via e-mail. You select the query (terms to search) from History, and frequency of running search and sending e-mails. TECH run the search and e-mail information about results. Use icon alert to create alert, edit_alert to update, and del_alert to delete.


Change default settings of language, records view, or number of records per page in search results.

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