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Professional Information Resources

The selection of the prestigous professional databases in area of natural sciences, technology and medicine.

This is the selection of the prestigious professional bibliographic and full-text databases, mostly of paid access. Searching within these databases is enabled through a contract with the provider and user name registration, or through a contract with the database vendor.

Natural sciences


Biological Abstracts

Prominent scientific database for the biology and biomedicine is produced by the BIOSIS company, covers 4,7 mil. records since 1997. On-line access is provided by various vendors, in the Czech Republic the database is available thanks to special project. BIOSIS offers also free access to other biological resources and a new search system "BiologyBrowser".

Chemical Abstracts, CAS Registry

CA is the world´s largest bibliographic database of the chemistry-related information. It contains over 21 mil. records of various types of documents (journals, patents, books, dissertations…). The database is produced by Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS). The other important CAS source is the Register of chemical composition (about 24 substances and 51 mil. compounds). Online access is provided by STN International. After the registration you can try searching in FREE demo.

MathSci (MathSciNet Mathematical Review on the Web)

MathSciNet is produced by the American Mathematical Society. MathSciNet is a bibliographic database covering the world's mathematical literature since 1940. Database includes Mathematical Reviews and Current Mathematical Contents (MathSciNet about). MathSciNet offers free access to the three recent issues of "Featured Reviews". AMS provides portal "Math on the Web" for the math-related information resources on the Internet.




AGRICOLA (AGRICultural OnLine Access) is a bibliographic database of citations to the agricultural literature created by the U.S. National Agricultural Library. Free on-line access to books and journal articles searching. Access via ScienceDirect.

National Agricultural Library offers portal AgNIC for the agricultural information on the Internet


International information system for the agricultural sciences and technology created by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). On-line search within databases is free. The records are supplied by 146 national centres.

CAB Abstracts

CAB Abstracts is the most comprehensive bibliographic, abstracting and indexing database, and covers applied life sciences, including agriculture, forestry, human nutrition, veterinary medicine and the environment. Provided by CAB International. It contains over 4 mil. records since 1973. Online access by vendors, EBSCO, or by producer via CABDirect interface.


The bibliographic database Compendex provides comprehensive information for engineering and related branches. Compendex is produced by Engineering Information. Online access is provided by vendors (Ovid, STN, Questel-Orbit, Dialog/Datastar), by ScienceDirect of Elsevier or by producent via Engineering Village 2TM interface.


The International CONstruction Database (ICONDA) is bibliographic database for the worldwide technical literature relating to all aspects of planning and construction. The records are scanned by international organizations in 14 countries. ICONDA is sponsored by the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB) and by the International Union of Building Centres (UICB). Access is provided by Dialog and  STN International. Searching via IRBdirect interface is free (after the registration) .


INformation Service in Physics, Electronics and Computing (INSPEC) is bibliographic database providing access to the world's scientific and technical literature in physics, electrical engineering, electronics, communications, control engineering, computers, computing, information technology, manufacturing and production engineering. Service provider is the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE). Online access is provided by vendors, ScienceDirect and EBSCOhost.

International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

INIS Bibliographic database is focused on nuclear science and technology. INIS is co-ordinated by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the database contains over 2 million bibliographic references with abstracts since 1970. Demonstration database at disposal. Online access is provided by IAEA, national centres (Institution for the Nuclear Information Zbraslav for the CR), and STN International.



CINAHL=Cumulative Index to Nursing&Allied Health Literature provides quality information, products and services of health care for professionals, students, teachers, librarians and researchers. Excerption from cca. 1800 professional journal titles, 56 titles are available as full texts. The CINAHL database covers cca. 800.000 records from 1982 to the present. In the CR database is available in Centre of Scientific Information, Institute for Farther Education of Workers in Health Service Brno and in the Scientific Medical Library, Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine.

Cochrane Library

The database offers information on effects of healthcare interventions, studies and their consequent validity evaluation. The Cochrane Library contains regularly updated collection of evidence-based medicine databases, articles citations with abstracts, monographs and chapters citations, reviews. The database consists of 4 parts, including The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, which provide regular reviews on health care effects information (excerpted to MEDLINE database). The update is quarterly. Producer is The Cochrane Collaboration. Database is available for the consortium OVID participants.


The second largest medical database with an emphasis on pharmacological information. Larger share of European medical journals. Produced by Elsevier Science, Holland. Retrospection: 1988 +; monthly update. The access to Embase is provided by Dialog and STN. In CR the access is enabled by WebSpirs 4.3 of the OVID/SilverPlatter company via  consortium OVID participants' IP address.


The oldest bibliographic biomedical database. The electronic version is the equivalent of three indexes - Index Medicus, Index to Dental Literature and International Nursing Index. 76 % of the records are provided with abstracts. The producer is NLM in Bethesda, USA. Free access via PubMed, retrospection: 1966 +; updating monthly.

In the Czech republic the access is available via WebSpirs 4.3 of the OVID/SilverPlatter company via OVID consortium participants' IP address, or through WinSpirs 4.1 of the OVID/SilverPlatter company.

MEDLINE plus Health Information

The MEDLINE plus Health Information service provides health sources mostly of National Library of Medicine and other medical institutes. It contains the hospital’s database, medical encyclopaedias, health information on the Spanish area, information on drugs, health information from the media, and references to thousands of clinical trials.

Updated daily.

Free available.


Database in the configuration of Drugdex, Martindale, PDR, P&T Quick provides information for healthcare, pharmacology and related sciences (chemistry, toxicology, teratology). The module Drugdex contains the drugs monographs elaborated in accordance with the unified scheme. PDR (Physician Desk Reference) is the basic information resource about the drugs used in the USA, the module Martindale contains the data from the drugs encyclopaedia of The British Royal Pharmacological Society, the P&T Quick module contains detail and critical information about the new drugs. The database information is not reliable on the pharmacological companies. The producer is Thomson, USA.

The access is provided for participants of the medical libraries consortium in the Czech Republic at Masaryk University in Brno.

Prous Science Daily Essentials - Daily Drug News

The latest information from pharmacology worldwide. The data are extracted not only from c. 1500 prestigious journal titles, but also from patents, reports from c. 300 world congresses and workshops yearly. There are also monitored the activities of c. 2500 pharmaceutical companies, research institutes and universities. The producer is Prous Science, USA. Update is daily.

The access is via IP addresses of the project LI 01021 solving institutions, Masaryk University Brno, National Medical Library, Charles University and Palacky University.


The database contains journals processed for the collection of the National Library of Medicine in the USA in Bethesda, journals excerpted for MEDLINE, POPLINE and HEALTH databases and journals from the library collections cooperating with the NLM on the Biomedical Serials Holdings Database (SERHOLD). Journal record contain these data: title (the actual or the past), producer, address, place of issue, ISSN, CODEN, language, periodicity, subject classification and database, which excerpts the journal. The producer is NLM in Bethesda, USA. Retrospection: 1665+; update annually.

The database is not free accessible. In the CR it is available within the framework of medical libraries project LI01021.


Polythematic and multidisciplinary

Blackwell Publishing

Blackwell publishes about 760 journals from a lot of ranges, e.g. medicine, natural sciences, social sciences. These journals are available through the Blackwell’s websites on-line via Blackwell Synergy service. The titles are divided into 2 groups – STM (science, technics, medicine) and HSS (humanities and social science). The trial access is enabled, it requires free registration and is temporary. In the Czech Republic access is provided by institutions participated on Blackwell Publishing’s licence.

Databases of the EBSCO Publishing

EBSCO Publishing offers a broad range of full-text and bibliographic databases in social sciences, humanities and medicine. Most of the offered databases are available in the CR thanks to the project EIFL Direct (national license) through EBSCOhost. Databases provide more than 5 000 full-text journal titles, newspapers and reports of information agencies and more than 1 300 full-text manual publications.

ISI Web of Science

The database system of three citation indexes: Science Citation Index Expanded (natural sciences and engineering, contains more than 5 600 serials), Social Sciences Citation Index (social sciences, contains more than 1 700 serials), Art & Humanities Citation Index (humanities a social sciences, more than 1 400 serials). Databases provide access to the bibliographic information including abstracts and cited references, retrospection since 1980, weekly update. The system producer is Thomson ISI. Database is available within the Czech academical net thanks to the ASCR project "Large surface multi-license Web of Science".


A database of articles contents, abstracts and full texts of more than 650 prestigious journals published by Kluwer in natural sciences, technology, humanities and law. Some of the journals are linked to ISI Web of Science.

The access in the Czech Republic is enabled within Kluwer consortium.

ProQuest 5000 International

ProQuest 5000 International is comprehensive collection of journal articles databases and is the important product of the international ProQuest Information & Learning Company. There are available bibliographic article records of more than 8000 serials and more than half of them are in full text. The collection covers the humanities and social sciences, business, medicine, applied natural sciences, computers and telecommunication technology. In the CR the collection is available thanks to the project ProQuest 5000 & PCI Web.

Science Direct

Science Direct provides full-text journal articles (c. 1700 titles) of Elsevier Publisher, Academic Press and the others. It offers also the important abstract databases and reference publications from the technology, natural and social sciences and medicine.


The SpringerLink Database of the German Springer-Verlag contains the abstracts and full texts from c. 500 journals, book publications, expert systems and software in the natural sciences, technology, medicine and economy.


VINITI - Vserossijskij institut naučnoj i techničeskoj informacii (Moscow) offers the access to the VINITI databases, free demo is available. The websites are available in Russian and English version.

Wiley InterScience

The database provides access to 300 journals (77 full text titles), reference manuals, printed publications on-line of John Wiley and Sons Publishing in the technology, natural, economical and social sciences.

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