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Online Database Vendors

View of the famous world online database vendors and their brief characterization.

Database vendors provide an access to many various on-line databases simultaneously to thousands of users. They usually buy information databases directly from producers including the licence for their on-line publication and distribution of their records. Rarely the vendors produce their own databases. They differ from free internet sources mainly by their reliability and  recency. That´s the reason why they are so expensive. The conditions of accessibility and prices of services are shown on the webpages of each database vendor.


One of the largest database vedors all over the world, owned by the Thomson Corporation.

At present it provides access to more than 900 databases, most of them contains nonbibliographic data and full texts of various documents. Detailed information on every database can be found on the Bluesheets. Searching databases is available only through password. Dialog provides more accesses and services. All information needed for use, search and work with Dialog can be found in „Dialog Library“.

Dialog DataStar

This Swiss database vendor offers special collection of databases mainly of pharmacy, natural sciences, engineering, and computer technology. It is a part of Dialog of Thomson Company. The guidelines with detailed information about all databases - „DataStar Datasheets“ (350 descriptions of databases). Demo-version „free ride“ at disposal.

Dialog Profound

A service aimed at marketing, business, economy, financial analyst and forecast, and also at journalistic and reporting information. The part of  the Dialog of Thomson Company. Demo-version at disposal.

DIMDI (Deutsches Institut für medizinische Dokumentation und Information)

The German information and database vendor offers (partly free of charge) scientific information from the field of medicine, toxicology and drugs. The MEDLINE database cost free available (under „grips WebSearch“), brief description of all databases (about 90 databases) and subject index at disposal.

GBI – German Business Information

The significant German vendor of Munich offers economic, business and marketing sources (425 titles of journals and newpapers in full text). It is a part of  Genios.

GENIOS Wirtschaftsdatenbanken

The most prestigious German database vendor, the information from German business and trade sphere prevail, but also european and world‘s information. There are more than 350 databases with full texts.


The chief provider of dialog services in the USA aimed at information from the legislature, medicine, and preservation of full texts of  first-quality printed journals and newspapers. Lexis/Nexis is an information department of the Reed Elsevier Company.

On-line Computer Library Center (OCLC)

World producer of professional information and database vendor as well. Databases (including union catalogue „WorldCat“) are available through „FirstSearch“ system (the access is paid). List of databases with their description (about 75 databases) at disposal. The OCLC webpages contains many interesting links.


The American database vendor of Ovid Technologies provides more than 300 bibliographic databases, access to the full texts of journals and manuals mainly from the medicine, sciences and technology. List of accessible databases. Access to databases via Ovid WWW Gateway is provided via password. The information company SilverPlatter Information became a part of  Ovid Technologies in 2001.


The French-American database vendor specializes in patent databases. It covers also the area of sciences, technology, economy, business, social sciences and humanities. Full texts of significant French journals at disposal. List of databases (about 250).

STN International (The Scientific & Technical Information Network)

The prestigious vendor of scientific-technological and patent information (more than 220 databases) with emphasis on sciences and technology. The database net consists of three independent centres: FIZ-Karlsruhe in Germany, CAS in the USA and JST in Japan. Access via WWW interface „STN on the Web“ or „STN Easy“.

The Czech providers of access to information resources of database vendors


Albertina icome Praha

Provider of  foreign electronic resources for science, research, education and business. The current product offer can be found in STM Catalog (on-line on or on CD-ROM „Informace na dlani“). The „Infozdroje“ system intermediate search for information resources available in the Czech Republic through the grant programms of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, and on other similar project and related institutions. AIP acts as an agent of more than 50 vendors and publishers (f.e. ProQuest Information and Learning, Ovid Technologies, Dialog, Economist Inteligence Unit aso).

Albertina Data

The company deals with creating, publishing and distribution of  databases which cover Czech and Slovak Republic's market. It offers search services and consultations, and enables to find out information about companies all over the world. Products and services make up an large-scale project known as „Albertina – Firemní monitor“ (Albertina – Trade Monitor).


The company providing information and searching services, patent, trade and marketing information, chemistry and pharmaceutical information. It‘s a representant of database network of STN International and the DERWENT Information, Ltd. It creates the factual database „MEDIS-ALARM“ with information on dangerous substances (more than 6000 records in czech language).

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