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Patents, Designs and Trade Marks

List of online databases of patents, trademarks, utility models and industrial designs and its appropriate offices.

Indurstral Property Office of Czech Republic

(website) – references to legislation, international treaties, foreign patent offices, sources of information in the field of industrial law.

  • Trade Marks (ÚPV, OHIM, WIPO, WIPO-EU) valid in the CR
    – trademarks and registration marks which have been lodged and filed with the Office of Industrial Property of the Czech Republic
  • Classification systems
    – sorting systems for technical solutions, trademarks and designs – classifications for inventions, industrial designs, trademarks, classification order


Patent Attorneys in the Czech Republic – protect and promote the interests of patent attorneys and supervise the proper execution of their activities

Foreign Databases





  • The UK Patent Office
    – an information server focused on intellectual property (copyright, designs, patents, trade marks) in the UK



  • Japan Patent Office (JPO)
    – free access to the JPO database of patent information via IPDL (Industrial Property Digital Library)


  • Patent Abstracts of Japan
    – abstracts of Japanese patents since 1976 (according to key words or application number), since 1993 includes information on the legal status


  • International Patent Classification (IPC)
    – a hierarchical classification system created by patents sends an international agreement in Strasbourg (in 1967). Patents are classified into classes:

        A: Human needs
        B: Transportation, Operations
        C: Chemistry, Metallurgy
        D: Textiles, Paper
        E: Solid construction
        F: Mechanical engineering, lighting, ventilation and air conditioning, weapons
        G: Physics
        H: Electricity

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