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Search results

working with search results, refine search, save and e-mail records

Displayed retrieved records represent "Combined results" of all searched databases. In QuickSearch, "Summary" gives you an overview of searched databases and number of retrieved records. You can browse search results by database in MetaSearch by clicking on "Results by databases". The Search & Link results are not displayed in the TECH search interface. Use the Jump link to view these results in database's native search environment.

If there are lots of retrieved records, at first 30 records of each database will be displayed. To view more results, click on "combine more".

In the right panel you can see various topics, author names, years of publication, or titles of searched databases (in combined results). The number of matched records is displayed in parentheses with each item. You can view these records by clicking on the item. Use link "All retrieved records" to return.

The list of search results is sorted by rank (relevance). To change this, use "Sort by" function and select from drop-down another way how to sort the records: by Title, Author, Year, Database.

Icon lock_reg (for registered user) or lock (for non-registered user) points out that the database is licensed and you are not permitted to browse it.

When you are searching for databases, the results can bring you detailed information about database - info icon. You can search certain database through icon search_more.When you click on database title, its native search interface will open in new browser window.

SFX services

Refine and expand search

Retrieved record format

Save and e-mail records

Previous searches


SFX services

SFX tool bring you the "added services", in basic and advanced menu.

Basic SFX services help you to:

  • view document full text or abstract, if it is available
  • search for the document in OCLC WorldCat
  • find out, which Czech library owns the document

Advanced SFX services help you to:

  • find a document review
  • search for related documents using Citation Linker
  • save citation information according to ISO 690 standard
  • search for the document in Union Catalogue of Czech republic
  • search for related information in Google Scholar
  • search for the document in catalogues of libraries, booksellers and other book sources using Wikipedia Book sources service
  • find related information in a Czech or Global Web Search Engine

Some of these services are available only for authorized users (licensed documents).

Use icon sfx or sfx2 displayed with every record to view SFX menu.

If the SFX menu is not complete, the missing service is not available.

For more information on SFX tool (this time in Czech only), see UIG Information Portal.

When you are not satisfied with search results, you can refine or expand your search. Choose Refine from the menu. This function is offered in MetaSearch only. If you are using QuickSearch, click on MetaSearch link. Search results will stay the same, only the menu change.

You can refine your search by using another suitable term with AND operator, or except some term with NOT operator. To expand your search, entry some convertible term with OR operator. Select any record field to search from the drop-down list (All fields, Author, Title, Subject, Year).

If you do not find anything useful, check Nenašli jste? bookmark in the menu. You can contact a librarian from here, or view the the list of available journals in science and engineering.

Retrieved record format

There are three different formats of retrieved records in TECH: Table, Brief, and Full View. Table and Brief View give you basic information about document. For detailed information, switch to Full view, or click on document title.

Save and e-mail records

You can save or e-mail your retrieved records. Use add_to_basket icon to save records in TECH e-Shelf. To view saved records, select My Space from the menu. If you are not registered for TECH, your records in e-Shelf will be deleted after you leave TECH Search.

In Full view of record you can: original display original record format (MARC 21), send e-mail this record, or save save the record on your PC.

If you want to e-mail or save on your PC more records together, add them to e-Shelf first.

Previous searches

All your searches are registered and saved untill you leave TECH Search. They are available only in MetaSearch. Click on Previous Searches from the menu to view them.

You can get information about your queries: terms searched, number of searched databases, and number of retrieved records. If you want to return to certain search, click on the query.

Register for TECH! You can archive your queries then – see History.

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