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Involved databases

characteristics and types of TECH´s databases

TECH Subject Gateway provides searching within various Czech and foreign databases. However, Vyhledávač TECH cannot search all of gateway's databases. Search results of some databases will not view in the TECH environment. Use link to database's native search environment to view these results. In some cases you may be requested to type your query again. Databases, which Vyhledávač TECH searches, are the "searchable" ones in QuickSearch, or, are displayed with search_more icon in Find Database, or check box in MetaSearch.

Some of TECH's databases are licensed (e.g. commercial full text databases), these are available for authorized users only.

If you want to get an access to licensed databases, ask providing library, or institution. Sometimes, when the library enables remote access (via proxy server) to licensed databases, to be library's registered user is the only condition.

Icon lock_reg (for registered user) or lock (for non-registered user) points out that the database is not available. For information about database, click on info icon.

List of TECH's databases

TECH's Database classification:

QuickSet Type

All resources

Library catalogues

Standards and patents - searchable

Bibliographic databases

Historical funds - searchable

Fulltext databases

Free databases - reference


Commercial databases

Search engine

Free databases - searchable


Special libraries - reference

Electronic book

Portals and search engines - reference


Special libraries - searchable Index
Portals and search engines - searchable Digital library
Standards and patents - reference Library
Encyclopedias and dictionaries - reference Museum
  Subject gateway
  Authority database

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