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TECH Subject Gateway & MetaLib

TECH Subject Gateway, Portal STM successor, joins the Uniform Information Gateway project of national research portal in order to create subject information gateways covering all the knowledge universe. Our aim is to cover information resources of science, technology, engineering, and applied sciences.

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TECH Subject Gateway is based on MetaLib technology. MetaLib provides three types of interface (WWW, Z39.50, and API), which enables easy editing in Plone content management system, graphic adaptation, and internal MetaLib features use by another system independent on WWW interface.

TECH Subject Gateway provides single search environment, through Z39.50 protocol it can search many heterogeneous databases at once (full text searching is enabled in databases which match the requirements), downloading records is supported, as well as additional search results processing, and additional SFX services menu.

There are many various types of databases involved in TECH, resources searchable by MetaLib, or reference resources linked to their native search environment. These two database categories are further divided into licenced and free available databases (with no, or free registration required) groups. STM Catalogue of TECH's predecessor Portal STM is for its uniqueness involved as a reference resource.

Accessing licenced databases is enabled via LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) supporting authentication system. Optional registration gives personalised features and space for users to save favourite database records, create database groups, sve search and search results, etc.

These days, the gateway is in testing. Involving of electronic resources is in process. Our key requirement and aim is to integrate the subject-related information resources provided by broad range of Czech engineering-related institutions.

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