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About the LI01018 Project

The project aim is to extend offer of the information recources in natural sciences, technology and medicine and to make them available through one navigation search system of STM Portal – Science, Technology, Medicine, as well as to facilitate the orientation in these resources to the users.

The LI01018 project proposed to purchase new licences for on-line resources that had not been available in the Czech republic yet. The electronic resources of  publishers John Wiley & Sons and  Academic Press (at present AP is already part of the Elsevier company) were chosen first.

The Aim of STM Portal is to provide access to:

  • Czech resources (science and research in CR, Czech portals, e-journals, libraries)
  • licenced resources (resources available in libraries and institutions in CR, user can search them through STM Catalogue and other services of this section)
  • freely available WWW resources on WWW for STM sphere
  • professional resources (professional, grey literature, patents, standards)
  • other services (database centres, Medvik, UIG, VPL)

Most of the data and information on the portal is generated from STM Catalogue (tertiary database) – the important part of STM Portal. Only the Professional resources, Science and Research in CR, Libraries in CR (websites) and Czech e-journals (generated from Czech ISSN database) are exception.

STM Catalogue records:

  • information resources purchased from the LI 2000-2003 programm coffers (electronic + printed)
  • information resources purchased from the N1 2004-2008 programm coffers (electronic + printed)
  • other information resources for STM available in CR (e.g. other projects)

STM Catalogue allows to search these resources from one place and to get information on their accessibility and in case the access conditions are fulfiled, to use some significant database or get full text of primary source. Information on enabled resources are updated continuously, but it‘s impossible to garantuee the Catalogue completeness because the project executor provides information on resources‘ purchase from LI/N1 coffers voluntarily and the journals‘ lists within databases (which often change) are updated half-early.

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